The Kakehashi Project:

At the end of June, I was fortunate to be selected among a group of 23 Kansas students for a 10-day study-tour of Japan. I documented our group’s visit to Tokyo and Shizuoka, the students we met and our visit to several historical sites. Not only was this trip an amazing memory and an eye-opening experience, but it also sparked my interest in Japanese culture, commerce and art, which I hope to apply to future work.

News videos:

I put together this video after a procession for a fallen pilot who died in a July 3, 2015 medical helicopter crash. For a web feature, we combined the video, photos and a feature story as the of hundreds of police and EMS led the way to the funeral.

This video was an exercise in improvisation. On my way to a press conference at Children’s Mercy Hospital, I was instructed to shoot a video in addition to writing my story. Armed only with my cellphone, I shot as much footage as possible while taking notes, and compiled it into the above video. I even managed to snap a selfie with Jason Sudeikis. Mission accomplished.

Editorial videos:

Both of these videos were a result of my work with The Kansas City Star. During my time with the editorial board, I created editorial videos to accompany my writing, and present another piece of the story.


I created the three videos above as part of a personal project  following dance in Lawrence. I published them online with corresponding articles, galleries, or audio stories.